Stylize Yourself

I believe most women would agree that looking drab, messy, plain, disheveled, or run-down is not how we would like to describe our daily look – even if that is how we may feel on the inside. Let’s face it – we don’t wake up every day feeling like energized sunshine and rainbows. It’s ok to feel tired or uninspired, however, that doesn’t mean those feelings need to be reflected on the outside. Sometimes, sprucing up your appearance or taking a few minutes to pamper yourself can actually help you get out of that funk you are experiencing! The old mantra of “Look better, feel better” really holds some truth sometimes.

Sure, we don’t need to spend hours and hours preparing for a red carpet event on the daily, but there are simple, easy things you can do to stylize yourself that will help brighten your outlook and send you out the door with some confident, positive vibes. Sometimes it just takes one compliment from a friend or stranger of “I love that shirt”, or “Wow, pretty jewelry”, that provides that little uplift you needed.

My goal with Lifestyled You is to inspire and teach you how you can implement uncomplicated methods to stylize yourself, thereby giving you that little boost of confidence to help conquer the day and feel great about yourself.

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