Defining ‘Stylize’

If you’ve been hanging around my various platforms for a while, you’ve surely taken notice of the word ‘Stylize’ in my logo/tagline, course/coaching name and branding etc. but you might be asking yourself, “what the heck does she really mean by that?”

Well friend, let me explain, because it’s a really important to me. While I didn’t invent this word, I have given it my own creative definition. I’d love to share with you what ‘stylize’ means to me and how it perfectly describes what Lifestyled You is all about. Trust me, it’s waaaayyyy deeper than you think!

If you look at my tagline, Lifestyled You is about ‘Stylizing your Home and Yourself’. While style is something commonly associated with design and decor, we don’t typically use the term in reference to our brains, our thoughts and feelings, or ourselves as humans.

To me, my definition of ‘stylize’ can be used to talk about all of the above. This is key to Lifestyled You because while we are transforming your home, we are also transforming your mindset and your life, which is the basis of my unique spin. Let me elaborate.

Let’s start with Part One:
To design or create something with clear purpose + intent.

For your Home:

The Non-Stylized Home –
I know there are so many people out there who buy a home, move all their stuff in, distribute it into the rooms that kind of make sense and call it a day. Their home is a place for ‘The 3 S’s” as I like to say: shower, shit, and sleep. End of story. To me, this is so sad!

Their house is just a dumping ground or a pit stop, it doesn’t really have a rhyme or reason other than “The 3 S’s”. They’ve never thought about making a change, renovation, or improvement. Nothing has been tailored to personalize their space. They don’t think about whether all their old stuff even fits or works in this new space.

Of course this is an extreme, but ask yourself how close you might actually be to this end of the spectrum.

The Stylized Home –
As I see it, your home is the ultimate playground to create something you love. Your home is your little piece of this big, crazy universe that belongs specifically to you. Therefore, it should serve you properly and bring you total delight! I want to smile each and every time I walk into my house. I want to make each space of my home an area that I love, a place I crave to be, a space that serves me functionally, and a place I’m excited to share with friends and family.

I have a clear purpose and intent for my home – the vibe I want it to have, it’s style and look, how it serves me and my family and friends. Everything has it’s place and purpose and I’ve personalized the home to look and feel like me. Even though I couldn’t do it all at once, I had a vision and a plan and an intent for how I would evolve our house over time to suit our needs and our style. That’s what a ‘stylized’ home is all about!


For Yourself:

I’m just gonna’ be blunt here. Do you have a clear purpose and intent as a human being in this world, or are you just kind of floating by day by day just allowing things to happen around you? Do you have actual serious goals for yourself and your life that you’ve written down, planned out, and shared with others, or are you just sorta…here, floundering about with no direction or plan, often playing the role of ‘victim’ to your circumstances. Trust me friend, I’ve done my share of both, but I can tell you from experience, the ‘Stylized’ self is the way to be!

It does not matter what that purpose and intent is, it will be different for everybody as well as the source of inspiration we draw upon to develop these thoughts and feelings. Maybe your sense of purpose comes from being a mom, maybe it comes from the work that you do, maybe it comes from serving others in need. The important part is to identify it, establish your goals and plan, and get after it like you mean it!!!

On to Part Two:
To craft, construct + compose with care, passion + joy

For your Home:

If you got part one: designing and creating with clear purpose and intent, you are already on the right road! You have a goal, a plan, and an intention all mapped out. You can see it in your mind. Unfortunately, this is where we sometimes stop short…

To be fully ‘stylized’, we need to put these plans to action. We are now going to craft, construct, and compose – the fun part! I love these words because they denote that critical thought was involved. We aren’t just haphazardly doing something, we are crafting, constructing, and composing…sounds fancy, no? Well, that’s the whole point!

More importantly, we are coming from a place of care, passion, and joy. If you initiate any activity with the feelings of care, passion, or joy, you are basically guaranteed to get the positive results you are longing for!

Think about how you get a gift for someone. Did you quickly and thoughtlessly send them an Amazon Gift Card or did you really brainstorm on finding that one perfect item that they may have mentioned months ago that is super special and unique to that individual? Both are nice, but I think we know which one represents ‘Stylized’ thinking.

Same goes for your home. Did you just pick up that sofa off the side of the road because you needed a place to sit and that just happened to be there? Or, did you spend time looking, sitting, and snuggling on various options, thinking about how it would fit in your space and work with your style vibe before deciding on the one that really speaks to you and gets you excited to add it to your home? Do you just have a bedroom or have you crafted, constructed + composed a bedroom from a place of care, passion + joy?


For Yourself:

Again, you’ve got a purpose and intent for yourself as a person in mind. It’s now time to implement part two. You can think about crafting, constructing + composing yourself physically – think about a little self-care and pampering which I do think is super important for many reasons.

However, on a deeper level, you can also think about crafting, constructing + composing yourself in terms of who you are on the inside. You will develop a clear directive on how you are going to build yourself to be that person with purpose – all the tiny stepping stones to get to your best self.

You are going to initiate all of those steps from a place of care, passion + joy. If it doesn’t serve your purpose and intent, you will let it go or politely decline. We are going to stop saying yes to the things we don’t want to do and that don’t serve our end goals and we are going to stop saying no because of fear or uncertainty. This, lovely lady, will result in a completely ‘stylized’ YOU.

~ Takeaway ~ I really hope this gives you more insight into where I’m coming from and what Lifestyled You truly represents. This is so much more than offering design tips for your house. Of course, that’s included too, but we’ve got a lot more to discuss and share up in here!

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