Jade Roller – Fountain of Youth?

~ An ice cube a day keeps the wrinkles away ~

We have a delightful family friend that is well into her 90’s who is one of those ladies that you could sit and talk to for hours. Her stories and outlook on life will have you laughing along and feeling the greatest respect for all she’s done throughout her years. She is known in her family for being a style maven and a beautifully elegant woman. One night a few of us were asking about her beauty secrets and what she’s done to stay so gorgeous. “Ice cubes”. That was what she attributed to her long-lasting beauty – ice cubes, lol. We couldn’t believe it. She told us about her routine of wrapping ice cubes in a little thin towel and rubbing it all across her face every evening. So there you have it – the holy grail of beauty is sitting in your freezer right now!

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see the rise in popularity recently of the Jade Roller. These have come to the forefront of must-have beauty tools in the last year or so, but have actually been used in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. You will commonly see them in green jade or in pink quartz, most often with a larger rolling piece on one end and a smaller version on the other. Either way, the objective is the same – it’s the ice cube massage for your face. 

The quality of the stone will have a natural coolness to it, but you can also store them in the refrigerator or in the freezer to amp it up a level. Pro Tip: I keep mine in a zip-lock bag so it doesn’t absorb any food smells – nobody wants to roll food stink on their face! Then, you simply roll the jade or quartz over all areas of your face utilizing the smaller end for places like around your eyes. This massaging tool is said to affect our lymphatic drainage – helps remove waste products from the tissue and carries it to the heart. Therefore, we are boosting our blood circulation and reducing swelling/puffiness which is why people love these. The feel of the cold jade rolling across the skin also just feels refreshing and soothing which is nice.

~ Takeaway ~ I personally like to use my frozen jade roller in the morning for a few minutes right when I wake up. I constantly feel like my eyes are swollen and puffy in the morning, so this helps me feel like I’m doing something good for my skin in the a.m. Many people also like to use it at night, especially to help massage their night serums into the skin. However you want to use it, at bare minimum, it feels really great on the face. Maybe if we are lucky, it’s also the modern-day ice cube trick and we will all look gorgeous into our 90’s too (fingers crossed).

Sephora Haul – Beauty Insider Appreciation Sale

~ Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Sale ~

Any time I can save some money at Sephora, I get excited. Sephora typically only holds two sales a year, one in November and one in April. However, they are changing up their rewards program and apparently that also means sale time!

As a VIB Rouge Member, aka someone who spends far too much each year, I was eligible for 20% off my entire purchase. Woo hoo! I like to use this opportunity to restock on my favorite items that are running dangerously low as well as grab some pricier items that have been sitting in my wish list.

Check out my YouTube video to see what I purchased during the sale. Don’t forget to “Like” and Subscribe, lol!

Power of the Lipstick

~ Petal Pout Lip Colors from Flower Beauty ~

Let’s face it – there are just some days when you don’t feel like (or don’t have the time to) do a full face of glam. In fact, for most of us, that’s probably most days. Realistically on the day-to-day, most of us are concerned with doing a little complexion rescue, looking like we actually have eyes with the help of some mascara, and that’s about it. 

If that’s your look, or some variation thereof, I can tell you there’s a great way to add one thing and fool people in to thinking you actually tried hard and are the ultimate style maven – lipstick. 

I once picked up a friend from the airport verrrry early in the morning. I was expecting to see a tired mess of a buddy, which she probably was, but she surprised the heck out of me looking chic and put together with just some bright red lipstick. No one should look that good coming off a red-eye flight, no one. I’d always been a fan of bold lip color, but she really sold me on the true power and magic of it that day. 

For this reason, I think it’s key to have a type and brand of lip color that you can build a collection of and have on hand to instantly amp up your look when desired. For me, it’s the Petal Pout Lip Color by Flower Beauty. Flower Beauty is a drugstore priced line created by Drew Berrymore. Truly, there are a lot of products in this brand that I adore, but these bullet lipsticks are true love. They have a mix of 24 matte and creme shades – I currently own half of them and it still isn’t enough lol. The color selections are just so perfect, they wear comfortably and for a pretty good length of time, and they are at such a great price you don’t feel bad for buying 12 of them.

~ Takeaway ~ Feeling drab? Add some lipstick. Want to instantly feel more stylish? Add some lipstick. Want to trick people into thinking you tried harder than you did? Add some lipstick. Seriously, try it. Find what type of formulas you prefer and from which brands. Once you find your go-to, stock up on a variety of colors to curate a fast easy collection that can suit any look. 

Truth, Transform & Nurture

~ My absolute favorite skincare products from Ole Henriksen ~

Taking good care of your skin is an absolute must, I think we all know this. But what is the best skincare out there? When should you splurge and what actually works? Which brands make the best products? Of course that all depends on your skin type and what you are looking for, but here are some products from the Ole Henriksen line that hit the top of my list.

The Face the Truth Gel Cleanser lives in my shower. As soon as I’m done with a workout, I can jump in and use this baby with my Clairsonic to make sure I get any sweat blocked pores cleared out. Pro Tip: Just remember to always turn down the water temp when washing your face in the shower – hot hot water can dry out your skin! This has a great energizing citrus scent and contains grape seed oil which helps cleanse and soften the skin.

On days when I want a little extra face fun, I’ll start with either the Transforming Walnut Scrub or the Transforming Almond Facial Polish (looks like maybe the almond one is now only sold as part of their 3-step Power Peel set.) These both have a pretty gritty consistency and work as a physical exfoliators to work off some of the dry texture and dead skin cells on the face.

After rinsing, I slather on a layer of the Instant Transformation Lemon Facial Peel. This is literally one of my favorite skincare items from any brand. It contains glycolic and lactic acids which go to work on any skin discoloration. As a person who has quite a bit of melasma, this product is a life changer. I’ve gotten my skin pretty used to acids, so I leave the Lemon Peel on for longer than the 10 min. recommended time. After rinsing off, I can see a noticeable brightness and reduction of the dark spots. My skin instantly looks better and that is why I love this product!

Then I’ll apply their best selling Truth Serum which has vitamin C which helps brighten as well as firms and supposedly fights wrinkles. I’m not sure I can speak to any change in wrinkles from any product I use – if you ask me Botox is the only thing that truly helps in that department (wink) – but I do think this helps with evening out the skin tone.

Lastly, the Nurture Me Moisturizing Creme….(sigh). If you haven’t smelled this product, I don’t know what you are doing with your life! It is the scent of the best fruit smoothie in the world. It is literally the most delicious smelling lotion and is a delight to put on your face. Besides smelling wonderful, it is the perfect medium weight creme where it actually moisturizes all day but does absorb into the skin and isn’t greasy. It has a variety of vitamins designed to nourish and soothe the skin. 

~ Takeaway ~ If you are looking for a line of great skincare products, I definitely recommend checking out Ole Henriksen. They have so many products available to help you with whatever your specific needs are. These are just the ones I like best for my dry and age-spotty skin. It is important to take the time and really pamper your skin. Not only is it fun, but you’ll thank yourself when you start to see results and in my opinion, these products truly do the trick!

J’adore Paris!

~ Our perfume souvenirs from Parle Moi De Parfum, Paris ~

Anytime I go on vacation, I’m on the hunt for an awesome, unique souvenir that I can remember my trip by. While I’d love to bring home some art or decor pieces for the house, things like jewelry are usually easier and more convenient to pack in a suitcase, so that’s typically what I end up purchasing. 

On our recent trip to Paris in July, we stayed in Le Marais District which was an endless supply of amazing shops and restaurants on every street. We literally could have just hung out in that neighborhood the entire trip and been happy as clams.

I’d spotted this cool looking Perfumerie as we were dragging our luggage from the parking garage down the street in search of our hotel and made a mental note to stop by once we’d settled in. Near the end of our trip we finally made it in on the way to a wine tasting event. We were helped by the sweetest young ladies working the store who patiently showcased all of the perfumes and told the story of the brand.

Here’s a snippet from their website: Parle Moi de Parfum is all about family. Benjamin Almairac grew up with stories about perfume that his father brought home from work. He dreamt of creating a venue right in the centre of Paris where the public could discover the finest fragrances that Michel Almairac had always dreamed of creating and staging.”

Michel Almairac is a world famous perfume designer who has formulated dozens of best-selling scents for big global brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Chloe, Joop!, and Escada. The man knows what smells good, that’s for sure!

After explaining that I am mostly drawn towards fresh, citrusy type scents as well as vanilla, I was shown a handful of selections they thought I’d enjoy most…problem being I actually loved them all! Normally with any line of scented products, I only am drawn to one or two and the rest are completely wrong for my taste. However, at Parle Moi de Parfum I felt like it was a collection of fragrances that were literally curated specifically for me! 

I narrowed it down to the Guimauve de Noel which is described as: “orange blossom and vanilla-scented sugar offer an instant of respite, of letting go, of tender and reassuring memories.” and the Flavia Vanilla which is described as: “a dark and sugary vanilla. Sweet, fascinating and totally seductive.” I decided to have her spray me down with the Guimauve de Noel so I could take it on a test drive while we hit up our wine tasting. It’s always important to see how your body’s chemistry interacts with a perfume before making the purchase!

After our amazing wine and cheese experience, I was sold with how the perfume was wearing so we made our way back to the shop and I signed up to buy the Guimauve de Noel. I think my husband started feeling a little jealous with my awesome purchase, so he decided to select his own fragrance to take home.

Many of their scents are unisex formulas including the Tomboy Neroli which is what he ended up selecting. It is described as: “a novel creation starring orange blossom. Neroli and amber notes give this fragrance a careless sophistication that boys and girls adopt with the same ease.” I was super happy he went with this one as I can steal it and wear it as well. We also brought home their Discovery Set which has little testers of all their current scents just so I can continue to enjoy all of their aromas. Let’s be straight, I’m most likely going to online order some additional creations to add to my collection!

~Takeaway~ When on vacation, always keep your eyes peeled for one-of-a-kind, hand-made, or specialized items that you couldn’t get at home. While a light-up key chain of the Eiffel Tower is fun, I’d much rather walk away with something a little luxe for my daily life that will instantly remind me of the vacation I so much enjoyed. Smell is one of our most powerful senses when it comes to recalling memories – every time I smell this perfume I am taken right back to our time in Paris and that is the best souvenir possible!