Hello! Laura here with Lifestyled You – Where you can learn tips and tricks on how to stylize yourself + your life, plus have easy access to product reviews and recommendations on all those items you’ve kept on your wish lists.

Lifestyled You will inspire and show you how to make small (or maybe big) adjustments in beauty, home, and style. It doesn’t matter whether you splurge on luxury items or celebrate in finding screamin’ deals, you have the power to create the lifestyle that will make you sing “livin’ my best life!” everyday.


A Denver native, I started my career at a small-but-mighty design firm as an Interior Designer for luxury hotels and resorts. While this was my absolute dream job, our suddenly plummeting economy circa 2009 had other plans for me. I along with nearly every commercial designer/architect I knew was eventually laid-off and it was time for me to turn towards my other passion to start a new line of work.

I grew up doing competitive dance and had been teaching classes for about 7 years. I decided to take the plunge and open my own studio – never in a million years would I have believed I was going to be a LadyBoss  at the age of 27!

After running a successful studio for 6 years, I realized my passion for dance was dying and I wanted to make a difficult yet necessary change in order to get back to a life I truly enjoyed. Therefore, I sold my business and became a self titled Stay-at-Home-NOT-Mom…unless you count being a kitty mom (wink).

In my first year of “retirement”, I have literally been “living the dream” actually spending time with my husband, family, and friends, traveling more days than I’ve spent at home, helping my parents fully renovate a vacation house, and really celebrating building the life I’ve always wanted. Now I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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