Hello! Laura here with Lifestyled You – Where it’s my goal to inspire and teach you how to stylize your home and yourself in order to create a life you LOVE! I don’t simply mean let’s make something that works or that you are just satisfied with. I’m talking shout it from the rooftop, do a happy dance, and explode with joy type of LOVE for your home and your life. Doesn’t that sound great?!?  Who doesn’t want that?!?

As I see it, your home is the ultimate playground to create something you love. Your home is your little piece of this big, crazy universe that belongs specifically to you. Therefore, it should serve you properly and bring you total delight!

It lights me up to make each space of my home an area that I love, a place I crave to be, a space that serves me functionally, and a place I’m excited to share with friends and family.

It crushes me when I hear people say they hate certain areas of their home, there are rooms they just don’t even want to go in, or they would be so embarrassed for others to see the state of their house. That’s madness, people! 

I’m here announce that YOU, my friend, have all the power to make your home a sanctuary for yourself that can bring you joy each and every day! I believe in you, and I’d like to awaken that magic within you!

Now, a little about me and why I’m so passionate about creating spaces you love!

As a kid, I remember overhearing friends of my parents say things like, “Well, we are selling the house so I guess it’s time to renovate X”, or, “Gotta make the house look nice now that we are putting it on the market”. Comments like these made such a giant impression on my young brain. I didn’t understand why you would wait until you were moving to make your house pretty. Why would you change your space to the way you always wanted it, just so you could turn around and move? For the life of me, I couldn’t understand. Don’t you want to live in a nice house now? Shouldn’t your home be perfect for you, as you live in it, rather than some potential future buyers?

All of these thoughts and beliefs guided me towards the decision to go to college for Interior Design. It always meant so much for me to live in a space I loved. It’s why I was always changing, decorating, and re-arranging my bedroom growing up. That was my space that I could design however I liked (thanks Mom) and I took so much pleasure in doing so. I couldn’t stand the thought of living in a space that didn’t excite me. As I grew up, however, I realized a LOT of people live their lives that way – waiting to make their house their dream home for…[fill in the blank?], and never actually living in a home they loved. How sad, but if I became a designer, I could help them out!

After getting my BFA in Interior Design, I started my career at a small-but-mighty design firm specializing in luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, and spas where I could influence the experience of so many people at once in these stylized environments we were creating. We had outstanding budgets and a lot of flexibility and freedom to create – truly loved doing this work! I was sitting pretty, doing my absolute dream job, and then our suddenly plummeting economy circa 2009 brought the industry to a screeching halt. I, along with nearly every designer/architect I knew, was eventually laid-off. This left me terrified, uncertain, and unsure about all the steps I’d taken to get here. Now what?

My other creative and artistic outlet growing up was competitive dance. That is what consumed all my time outside of school during my childhood. I had the opportunity to start teaching my own classes and choreographing as a job while heading into college. I never intended to dance beyond high school, but this seemed a lot better than taking a retail job at the mall. I ended up liking it so much that I had continued teaching as a part time job even while working professionally as a designer.

After my dream life as a designer had been suddenly revoked with not much hope of getting re-hired anywhere in sight, I decided to pivot, become a business owner, and open my own dance studio – never in a million years did I imagine I was going to be a LadyBoss at the age of 27, but here I was!

Yes, I was devastated to not be in the design industry any longer – that had been my objective for so long. However, creating and running a successful business on my own was crazy empowering and exciting! I loved being able to set up everything in line with my own vision, create the community of people I wanted, teach kids new and fun things, and see the joy of accomplishment when they reach a goal. I achieved so many unexpected things that I’d never envisioned for myself or my life path. Go me!

After 6 years of running my business and nearly 30 consecutive years being involved in the dance world, however, I realized my passion for dance itself was dying. It had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember, but I was just not getting the same spark of joy as I once was. I was losing my excitement for the art and commitment to the competition, so I knew I had to make a difficult yet necessary change in order to get back to a life I truly enjoyed.

Therefore, I sold my business and became a self titled Stay-at-Home-NOT-Mom…unless you count being a kitty mom (wink). I had no plan. I had no vision of what my life would now entail. I just knew it was time for me to close out that chapter of my life and that it was the right decision for me.

I’m sure most of you are cringing – how do you leave behind a thriving, profitable business, especially with no new plan or fall back?!??! Outrageous!! Somehow the ability to decisively choose my own happiness above all else is a strange super-power of mine which the average person does not seem to possess, lol.

In my first year of “retirement”, I literally “lived the dream” – I actually spent time with my husband, family, and friends and I traveled more days than I spent at home. I also helped my parents fully design, renovate, furnish and decorate their dream vacation house in Palm Desert, CA. In addition, I got back into doing some interior design consulting with various clients which felt so good! I truly jumped back on the path of a life I could celebrate every single day.

Sharing my love of stylizing interiors and helping others create a home and a life they love has become my mission for Lifestyled You. I want to share my experiences with a community of women who are ready to be empowered to transform their disconnected and dysfunctional spaces into a delightfully stylized home which will bring them joy each and every day. Are you with me!?!?! I really hope so!

Let me inspire you!

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