5 Reasons You Hate Your Space and How to Fix It

As I see it, your home is the ultimate playground to create something you love. Your home is your little piece of this big, crazy universe that belongs specifically to you. Therefore, you have the ability to make exactly what you want out of it.

It lights me up to make each space of my home an area that I love, a place I crave to be, a space that serves me functionally, and a place I’m excited to share with friends and family. It crushes me when I hear people say they hate certain areas of their home, there are rooms they just don’t even want to go in, or they would be so embarrassed for others to see the state of their house. That’s madness, people!

My friend, you have all the power to make your home a sanctuary for yourself that can bring you joy each and every day. Yet, there are so many people that feel stuck when it comes to making a space work for themselves and their family – you know something isn’t working for you and you aren’t happy, but you have no clue where to start. The overwhelm feels paralyzing.

If that speaks to you, you’re in luck because I’m here for you! This is a shallow dive into 5 potential reasons you may feel disconnected from your space and how to turn it all around so you can find a little (or a lot) more love for your home. Let’s get started!

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