Why Creating a Home you LOVE is SO Important!

When a girlfriend asks you, “how is your life going?”, what aspects of your life immediately come to mind? I’m willing to bet that the first thing that pops up are your relationships. That could be with a husband/partner, it could be your relationships with your kids, family, or friends. I bet you think about your job/career/work – perhaps relationships with bosses or co-workers. I bet you think about things like money and health – two huge components of our lives. You might even be pretty checked in to yourSELF and your own personal development/state-of-mind. My question to you though, is do you ever specifically think about your HOME as part of this equation?

Our home is such a large piece of the “Pie-of-Life”, yet we often forget about and neglect it. This is crazy, because if you own your home, it is likely the most expensive thing you possess. It’s also physically the largest thing and, depending on your daily schedule, could be the place you spend the most time in any given week.

While it’s common to devote attention to improving those other aspects of our lives, we tend to ignore the improvements we could be making on our home. This could be as big as a gutting a space to create a whole new kitchen all the way down to sweeping up that tumbleweed of pet hair on the stairs. Painting a room a new color to purchasing a new sofa. Creating a fantastic landscape to organizing your closet. Big or small, it all contributes to improving your home and improving your life.


It’s my belief that creating a HOME you love can help create the LIFE/LIFESTYLE you’ve always dreamed of!

What comes to mind when you think about your current home? Not if you imagine it’s possibilities in the future or what it was in the past. Not if you scrambled around real fast to tidy up, but your home in it’s current as-is condition? What does your home do for you? Is it simply a place to shower, shit and sleep? Is it simply a pit stop or storage space that you inhabit as infrequently as possible? Or is it a source of joy and love? A place where you and your family thrive? How is your home serving you and your life right now? Then ask, could it be doing more????

When those other areas of your life – work, kids, partner, etc. – may be causing you some stress, anxiety, frustration or other negative thoughts, your HOME can serve as an amazing source of comfort and relief and can bring about some much needed joy!

Your home is your little piece of this big, crazy universe that belongs specifically to you. Therefore, it should serve you properly and bring you total delight! While some of the other “slices of life” may feel somewhat out of our control, we have total rule over what our home looks and feels like. It can be whatever we want, and I think that is so powerful! As I see it, your home is the ultimate playground to create something you love and that supports, nurtures and encourages a better life/lifestyle.

Do you dread going home because you know it is just a dirty, disorganized mess with crap everywhere and that makes you stressed and anxious? Because it doesn’t function the way you need and ends up causing more frustration and strife? Because it doesn’t feel like you at all and you are completely disconnected from it? Never fear, you have the power to turn this all around so that you actually desire and long to be at your home because instead of causing more negative emotions, it lifts you up instead!

It can be your place of sanctuary, retreat, and restoration. It can be a place of community, gathering, celebration, and togetherness. It can bring about feelings of love, safety, warmth, coziness, and comfort – whatever you desire! Our homes can have whatever vibe we choose which is reflected in the vibe of our lives (and vice versa.)

You desire an organized, drama-free, decluttered mind and life? Create that within your home. You desire to have ease and comfort and joy? Create that within your home. You desire to be your best or highest self, full of positivity and possibility? Create that within your home. Creating your best home is going to result in creating your best life – they go hand in hand!!!


If you knew right now, with 100% certainty, that creating a home you love would directly result in creating the life you’ve always dreamed of for yourself and your family, how would you take action? What would you do today?

Did this just blow your mind and now you want more???

You can read about my innovative Interior Design Coaching Experience here. You can also contact me at Laura@LifestyledYou.com to inquire about one-on-one coaching opportunities. xoxoxo, Laura

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