How to ‘Find the Time’

Ahhh, perhaps one of the most common struggles – how to find the time to get all the things done! The day seems to fly by and before we even know it, it’s time for bed and we didn’t get anything accomplished. We weren’t able to check anything off the to-do list, we didn’t send that important email, we didn’t do the laundry, and we sure as shit didn’t get to the gym. Maybe tomorrow, right?

And if we look at a broader timeline, a week can pass by and we still didn’t schedule that doctor appointment, a month is over and we still didn’t host our friends for a dinner and catch-up. Pretty soon, a year has passed and we still haven’t lost those 30lbs, put that new business idea into action, or renovated the kitchen. WTF did we do that whole time?!?!

It seems silly, but this happens to people ALL the time, even when we have good intentions to get stuff done. So what happens to us, where does the time go, and how can we reclaim it to actually accomplish some things? Well, my friend, it all starts with our mindset.

Changing your thoughts about time:

First of all, it is important to realize that “not having enough time” is NOT a circumstance. Rather, it is a thought you are choosing to have. I know, I know, sometimes it feels like complete and total FACT that there is not enough time, and that it is totally out of your hands, but this just isn’t the case. Keep reading, trust me.

If you are always coming out the gate thinking “there’s just not enough time in the day to get all this done”, this is going to create feelings of overwhelm. And often when we feel overwhelmed, it puts us in a state of in-action. When we create a to-do list of 500 things, we are actually putting ourselves in a paralyzing place. It is so intimidating to tackle, that instead of figuring out how to work through the impossible list, we do nothing. Or we mindlessly surf social media for a hour because that feels easier than trying to do all the crap on that list. And that’s exactly how a day, a week, a month passes by and we feel like nothing has gotten done.

Don’t get me wrong – I love making lists to get myself organized. The key however, is to focus on a SMALL list of the MOST important things that are going to bring about the most IMPACTFUL results. For example, my long list might include: paint my nails, go through the mail, call my friend, and go to Target to find a new blanket for my bed. All of these things are good ideas and it would be great if I got to them, but there are more important things that need to get done first that need my 100% focus.

The short list of what I REALLY need to do this week is: schedule a meeting with my realtor, write and post this blog content, work through a series of modules in my business development group, and declutter a series of spaces in prep for putting our house on the market. Those feel like a realistic set of tasks for the week that have enough weight to be prioritized and will impact my life the most in a positive way.

The thought I am going to produce in order to get me the results I want is, “there is always time to do the things that are important to me.” This is coming from a place of abundance as opposed to lack, and that allows me to feel empowered, able, motivated and excited. Those feelings will fuel me forward into acting on all of those tasks which will result in getting the dang thing done! I can be certain that I will accomplish the MOST important and impactful things by the end of the week and I might even get to some of the non-essential things as a bonus. Hooray!

Ever since I changed my thinking about time, switched from a perspective of lack to a place of abundance, and started looking for the MOST important tasks to prioritize as opposed to just adding to the never ending to-do list, I get a disgusting amount of shit done in a week. Like seriously, I blow myself away with what I can get done AND how pleasurable it is to do and how freaking awesome and accomplished I feel at the end of the week. Huzzah!


Your feelings about time come from the thoughts you choose. “There’s never enough time” vs. “there is plenty of time.” Lack vs. abundance which leads to in-action vs. action. The bottom line is:
There’s always enough time for the things that are important to us.

Pleasurable vs. Unpleasant Tasks:

Where we get caught up sometimes is that it is easy to make time for pleasurable things, but we tend to “suddenly not have time” for things that we view as unpleasant. I have lots of time to meet up with my girlfriends for wine and cheese, something I highly enjoy. I’d rearrange things on my calendar to make this happen. Shit, I’d move heaven and earth to make that happen! However, I “don’t have any time” to go take my car in for an oil-change. That sounds boring, annoying, inconvenient and all around like a place I don’t want to be. (Maybe if they served wine and cheese….lol).

When we look at these two things, they both are important for different reasons, but because my thoughts about one are favorable and my thoughts about the other are not, you can bet on which one I’d “make time” for. To get around this, we just need to change our thoughts. My new thought could be: “I need to take my car in for the service it needs so that I will continue to have a reliable vehicle to take me to other important, or more fun, places.” My feeling is now “responsible”, so my action will be to take my car in for the service it needs before it breaks down and leaves me stranded.

For the Home:

A ton of people tell me they’d love to improve their homes but they “just don’t have the time”. This immediately signals to me that they don’t currently value their home as something that is of top priority in their life, or it is something they view as unpleasant. Their present thoughts or beliefs are not generating feelings that would cause them to act on changing their home. They are stuck in in-action which will never result in the home of their dreams!

This is where I come in! It’s my job to get you unstuck, to change your beliefs and to see all the reasons why you home SHOULD be a main priority if the result you desire is a better life/lifestyle. It’s my goal to shift your thoughts from viewing home improvement as something scary, intimidating, confusing, etc. to something that is exciting, inspiring, transformational, and worth every ounce of time/money/energy spent so that you can finally take action in order to get the results you desire!

For example, what if you believed with absolute certainty that creating that comfy + cozy, lush, green outdoor space would result in improving your lifestyle by generating delight, happiness, community, love, togetherness, celebration, and fun for you, your family, and your friends? Would you be “finding time” to make that happen? I know I would, because I’ve done exactly that!

What if you believed wholeheartedly that “creating a home that I love and that brings me total joy would ultimately result in giving me the life or lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of for myself and my family”… would that thought suddenly spur you into “finding the time” to improve your home? I think so!


If you struggle to “find time” for something, it’s time to ask yourself what thoughts or beliefs you would have to have about that task that would generate feelings like “motivated, inspired, able, excited, etc.” that would lead you to the action of “finding time” and doing the dang thing to get you the results you want!

Did this just blow your mind and now you want more???

You can read about my innovative Interior Design Coaching Experience here. You can also contact me at to inquire about one-on-one coaching opportunities. xoxoxo, Laura

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