3 FREE Ways to Improve Your Home

I know a lot of people say they’d like to improve their homes but they’ll never have the money to do it. And while this is a fear-based belief that is not serving you, which I’d be happy to coach you on, that’s a whole other topic!

Money is commonly at the forefront of a lot of our decisions. If only we had more, we could do all the things – including improve our homes. We often believe the only way to get a home we love is to gut it and start over or spend a million bucks hiring a fancy interior designer to makeover our rooms for us. And since those things are not possible for most of us, we stay stuck in inaction, not realizing that there are so many free things we can do to make our homes better, and we can do it right now!

We overlook the absolutely free things we can do that can completely transform our home and the way we experience life inside of it. Never fear, I have 3 ways you can improve your space without spending a dime!

Purge Your Stuff:

So many of us fall victim to the mentality that “more is more.” If we have more stuff, it means that we are more successful, more accomplished, more worthy of admiration from others. Ask yourself if you hold any of these beliefs and whether they are serving you in a positive way. Is spending your money on more “stuff” resulting in a better quality of life, or is it just creating piles and drawers full of things you don’t even really use?

All of the extra stuff that is cluttering up your space results in an unattractive and messy appearance, but it also causes a lot of anxiety and stress in our minds, even if we aren’t totally aware of it. Not only will you be improving the look of your home by minimizing the clutter, but you will be eliminating the negative emotions all that clutter is causing you double whammy!

We need to do 2 things here to result in a positive change. First, get rid of all the things you don’t need, don’t bring you joy, and don’t serve a purpose in your home. Secondly, we need to coach you though changing your beliefs so that you can stop yourself from accumulating crap you don’t need again in the future.

Here are some common places where you can do a LOT of purging:

  • Main clothes closet
  • Kids clothes closet
  • Basement
  • Garage / Workshop / Shed
  • Any misc. closet or storage area
  • Kitchen pantry
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen refrigerator
  • Office filing cabinet / papers / records
  • Office drawers
  • Old electronics/wires/cords

Remember to have two piles when purging – one for things that are able to be donated and one for things that have to be trashed. Donating helps others in need and helps you feel great!

Get Organized:

After completing your purging, you are going to want to systematically organize your remaining “stuff”. Keep in mind this does NOT mean running to the container store and spending a ton of money on fancy boxes and baskets. If you look around your home, you will likely find a ton of organizing containers/boxes/bags/etc. that can do the job. That Amazon box that just shipped you more crap? Yes, use that, wink. Use what you have, be creative in re-purposing things, and then if you are still lacking, then you can take a trip to the store.

I like to sort things into ‘like’ piles and then sub divide them into more specific categories if it makes sense. Then contain those things in a box or whatever, and label it for easy visibility and access. Next time your kid needs a band aid, they don’t have to comb through the whole house (without success resulting in YOU having to find the dang band aid.) You can simply say, it’s in the blue box labeled “first aid” in the upstairs hall closet and they can locate it quickly and simply.

Just like purging your clutter, organizing your home not only creates a much “prettier” home, but it helps you live a more productive life within your home. When we know where things are, they are easily accessible, and not overrun with other non-essential junk, we can live happier, less crazed lives – brilliant!

Keep it Clean:

No, I don’t mean your language, I mean your home, lol. This is the other transformative and completely free thing you can do to improve your home and the quality of life you are living in it. (Yes, at some point you have to purchase cleaning supplies/tools but I assume you already have these types of things on hand for the most part.)

Your home is now purged of clutter and organized to perfection. All that’s left is to make sure it is clean! Stuff may be put away, but if your home is physically dirty, we still have problems!

If you struggle keeping up with keeping things clean in your home, here are a few things I recommend:

  • Set aside specific hours of your week for cleaning. Plan out the days/times you will commit to various activities. For example, Monday morning I do laundry. Wednesday afternoons I vacuum the house, etc. Write it down on a planner or schedule it into your phone!
  • Create standards or rules for yourself. For example, each night I will not go to bed until all of the dishes have been cleaned/put away. I will make sure that my sink is void of toothpaste, hair, whatever, at the end of each day, etc. Hold yourself to these guidelines so the cleanliness of the space is maintained over a longer period of time.
  • Delegate! If you live with a partner or kids, assign them cleaning duties to keep your home clean. You don’t have to do this all by yourself!
  • Play music or listen to a podcast while you clean – something you enjoy!
  • Arm yourself with the tools you need to keep your space clean – have dust busters charged and handy to suck up small things as they show up on the daily. Keep all cleaning supplies stocked, organized, and readily accessible at all times!
  • Have proper cleaning solutions with nice scents that will motivate you to wipe things down etc. Making your space smell delightful will contribute greatly to your appreciation of it and it will make you more excited to clean.

I’ll be blunt – even if you stand by the fact that you HATE cleaning, I can promise what you hate more is a house and a life that suck! Remind yourself that cleaning isn’t this horrible, daunting task, but its a means to get a home that you are proud of and that you can enjoy to the fullest.

So there you have it – no more money-related excuses for why you can’t improve your home and your life. I promise if you commit to going through these three steps in each and every room of your house, you will be blown away with how good your home looks and how good you feel!

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