What is a ‘coach’ and why do you need one?

Hey there friend!

Today I just wanted to chat and talk about what a ‘coach’ is and how one can be helpful to you and your life.

I define myself as an ‘Interior Design Coach’ which I know is a pretty rare and unusual title, but most of you have probably heard of a ‘Life Coach’ before. I see myself as a more specialized niche within the ‘Life Coach’ category who helps people create a life they love through teaching them how to create a home they love.

This is my personal ‘genius zone’ and where I can make a real difference in other women’s lives because it is where all of my training, expertise and experience come into play, but it is also the exact transformation I’ve made for myself and my own life – I’m my own success story!

What do I do as a ‘coach’?

  • I serve as an advocate for my clients in their journey to create their dream life. While you may be over the moon about deciding to start taking the steps to improving yourself and your life, your friends and family may not always understand or be on board with your new adventure. I’m here to be your cheerleader, your support, and your sounding board as you work towards creating the life (and in this case, the home) you’ve always dreamed of!
  • I listen. Plain and simple. I want to hear EVERYTHING about your home and your life. All the ups, downs, positives, negatives, and everything in between. From there I have a clear picture on the things we can modify in your home, the way you live and use your home, and how you show up for your home and your life that will spell out the steps you need to take to get the transformation you are seeking.
  • I help you modify your mindset and how you perceive your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions so that you can finally become unstuck and get the things you truly want. I bring about a new perspective to help uncover the ‘blind spots’ that have kept you spinning in circles, repeating the same behaviors or decisions that have held you back from getting what you want.
  • I serve as a third-party, non-biased, neutral resource for help and advice. Often when talking specifically about our home, there is a difference of opinions between partners that leads to indecision and inaction. I frequently help clients work their way out of these traps quickly and effectively by advising from the perspective of the neutral party in the equation.
  • I give you access to all of my knowledge, experience, and expertise. I’m a trained interior designer who has worked on high end commercial projects and also as a residential design consultant. I’ve helped countless friends, family, and clients conceptualize, design, renovate, decorate, organize, and develop their homes. More importantly, I’ve lived through my own transformation to create a home and a life I love using the exact concepts that I teach in my coaching.

Great coaches make a true lasting impact on the lives of their clients. That’s why my program isn’t just about teaching women about color and pattern, but it’s about permanently eliminating the roadblocks you are currently experiencing that are holding you back from achieving the home and the life you’ve always wanted!

If you are interested in learning more about my innovative Group Coaching Experience, ‘Stylize Your Home’ designed to get you the home and the life you’ve always wanted, check it out here!

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