5 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge!

Ahhh, take a deep breath because Spring is on it’s way! At least that’s what people keep telling me. Here in Denver, we keep getting snowstorms about every 4 or 5 days, and honestly, I’m sick of it! I’m so ready for daylight savings, warmer weather, and for things to start turning green! Alas, I will be patient knowing that the Spring weather will get here soon!

It is March, and that means Spring Break. The perfect time to take a vacation – we are going to be heading to Cozumel, Mexico to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary – fiesta!!! But it is also the perfect time to do some Spring Cleaning, which is why I created a 5 Day Challenge to help inspire and guide you through some organizing and cleaning fun.

There’s nothing I love more than getting my spaces in tip top shape in terms of being clean and organized. I’m a huge believer that a decluttered and clean space = a decluttered and clean mind. When our spaces are messy and disorganized, it actually lessens our ability to function properly and truly enjoy and love the space. Best part is, organizing and cleaning are FREE ways to instantly make a room better and increase the amount of joy you get from your home.

As we start emerging from the cold, dark Winter into a lighter, brighter Spring mood, I always feel energized to tidy up and insert a little freshness into my home. I’ve created a self-paced 5 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Workbook that you can execute whenever that Spring Mood hits you, or perhaps when your kid’s Spring Vacation from school arrives and they can take part in the activities.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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