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~ My Bathroom – Before and After ~

Welcome to one of my most favorite renovations of our home – My Bathroom!!! You may have already read about our bathroom situation in My Husband’s Bathroom Reno blog. If not, check that out. But basically, for the first 6 years in our house, we shared the tiny en suite bathroom which was way too small for two adults to function comfortably in. Luckily, we could often stagger our “get ready times” so it wasn’t that big of a tragedy.

Just outside of our master bedroom is a second full bathroom that is intended to be the bathroom for all the other bedrooms upstairs. Since we don’t have kids and it’s just the two of us living here, this was destined to become “My” bathroom and Dan would keep the en suite for himself. This was just going to take some time while we tackled more important renovations first.

The original bathroom was that traditional 70’s layout where you entered in to a room with the double sink vanity. Then you entered through a door to get into the space with the toilet and tub/shower combo. The vanity area was carpeted and the toilet/shower area was this hideout peel and stick vinyl. Vanity cabinetry was a dark walnut color with 2 medicine cabinets built into the wall. The fixtures, countertops, and tile were all a “golden avocado” color, and all the walls were covered in stripe and floral wallpaper. It was a true 70’s flower power nightmare!

Vanity Area – Flower and Stripe Wallpaper!
Toilet and Tub/Shower Area – Golden Avocado Colored Everything!

All we did upon move-in was peel off the wallpaper which was the most slow and painful process – I thought Dan was going to kill me. We repainted the walls, shut off the water (and thank god we did – I’ll explain in a bit) and didn’t ever go in that room.

Fast forward to 2013, we were ready to convert this unused space into my own personal bathroom! First things first, demo. We literally tore out everything, including the wall/door that broke the space into the two separate areas. This is my tip for anyone who has this layout and wants to achieve a more open and spacious feel. If you don’t have kids sharing a bathroom like this or see the need to allow one person to privately be using the toilet or shower while another is using the sink vanity, then I HIGHLY suggest opening it up into one big space – gamechanger!

The wall between the two spaces was torn out to open it all up

The bathtub turned out to be cast iron so it was heavy AF! We had to call on our super-strong brother-in-law to come in and beat it to death with a sledge hammer so we could remove it in two halves. That was one of the more dangerous demos I’ve taken part in for sure.

The original plumbing lines for the shower were on the wall we tore out, so my dad’s cousin who is a plumber helped us relocate the plumbing to the opposite side. In removing the toilet, we found that there had been a leak occurring long before we moved it that had rotted out most of the joists surrounding the toilet. Had we continued to use this bathroom, it’s likely one of us would have fallen through the floor and down into our family room while on the toilet one day – yikes!

Once everything was cleared out, we did hire professional drywallers to re-drywall and re-texture the entire space.

Plumbing relocated to far wall for new tub/shower- new drywall done!

We also decided to take out the original door and change it to a pocket door. This way the room would stay totally open with nothing impeding the space.

We installed a new bright white tub with a white Moroccan inspired geometric shaped tile with grey grout all the way to the ceiling. I laid a very simple light gray floor tile with a subtle modern thin stripe/texture on the floor and installed a new white toilet.

White Moroccan inspired tile with dark grey grout
Gray floor tile with a thin, modern stripe type texture with dark grey grout

I purchased a freestanding double vanity with white cabinetry and a marble top – gorgeous. It also came with one single giant mirror with white frame which was perfect. The only downside was that the marble top, although it came sealed, has definitely stained with watermarks. It’s why I now refuse to use real marble in kitchens and baths. Major bummer.

New white vanity with marble top – new sinks and faucets
New white vanity with marble top – new sinks and faucets

New sinks, new faucets, new bath faucet and shower-head. I installed a modern wainscoting and molding design on the lower portion of the walls which is painted white and then I did a gorgeous dark gray color above called “Antique Tin” from Behr. I LOVE this detail so much.

Modern Wainscoting/Molding

I did purchase a shower curtain track that would curve and be mounted to the ceiling, but seeing how open everything was, I just couldn’t bring myself to install it…I still use the shower in our master bath on the daily. We have had people use the shower when they stay at our house, and if you aren’t too crazy, it actually doesn’t make a big mess. However, I’m wondering if I’m going to have to give in and install it when we go to sell our house later this year….

One big open space now!

And just like that, I have a bathroom all to myself that is bigger and more spacious than the one in our master! I cannot explain how this changed our daily life now having our own bathrooms! We each have room for all our toiletries and things, we can have privacy and space to move around, it’s amazing! I’m almost dreading the fact that when we move, we will be sharing one space again, but luckily, it’s like 5x the size, so I think we’ll manage!

Love my new bathroom so much! One of my favorite renovations, hands down!

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