Our Home Reno: Master Closet

~ Master Closet Before and After ~

The next renovation of our home I want to share with you is one I completed one year ago in January 2018 – Our Master Bedroom Closet. (If you haven’t read Our Home: Our Story, make sure to check that and the other episodes out first!)

To give you a reminder, our home was built in the 70’s which apparently was before the concept of walk-in closets, lol. All around, our master is insufficiently sized compared to the lavish master suites of today. Our room can literally only fit a queen size bed with a proper nightstand on one side and you saw what the Master Bathroom looks like in my past blog.

To fit with this highly dysfunctional space, the closets also left much to be desired. Here’s a look of what this area of the room looked like when we first viewed the house:

~ Original Owner’s Stuff ~
~ Original Owner’s Stuff ~

You are looking at the entrance to our master from the hallway. Along that wall was two sets of sliding panel doors. The closet runs the length of that whole wall but the drywall between the two doors and at the sides makes getting to those areas virtually impossible.

One of the very first things we did upon moving in was to take off these hideous doors and replace them with some white paneled butterfly doors. We also installed some more functional interior organizers with multiple hanging rods as there was literally just one single rod and shelf prior.

While it was an aesthetic improvement, it was still functionally under-serving our needs by miles. I had to also store clothes/shoes in two other closets in the house. Everything was packed so tight, I couldn’t slide things out of the way to access my items. The drywall/framing prevented access to a large part of our potential storage. I couldn’t see anything so I ended up inadvertently hoarding tons clothes I forgot I even had. I was basically pissed off every time it came to getting dressed.

I finally decided the answer was to literally rip everything out and create our own closet storage using systems from Ikea. Here’s what the space looked like just before I tore everything apart:

~ These were the new doors we installed upon move in ~
~ I had three decorative shelves on the window wall ~
~ What a disaster!!! Seriously made me angry ~

So away I went, tearing out all of the old doors, organizers, drywall and framing. I will say this was one of the toughest demos I’ve ever done by myself. The framing was really done so solidly – I’m convinced our house is never going to fall down! It was a real pain, but here are some demo shots:

~ This framing was a pain to take out! ~
~ Finally all cleared out! ~

After I destroyed my bedroom, I had some repairs to do. Since we installed new flooring around the original closet structure, I now had these huge patch jobs to do with the flooring which was a new adventure for me. I had a drywaller come in and in a couple hours he patched up the ceiling and wall where the framing had been removed. I repainted and was then ready to build out the new closet system!

We used the Pax Wardrobe System with Grimo style doors from Ikea. I had pre-planned the layout prior to demo and we took a trip to the store to select all the special add on things like drawers and organizers as well as properly select components from the Norrfly Lighting System. All the Ikea components came to about $2,000. We had everything delivered to our house and then it was time to start assembling!

After a few days, here’s a look at the system before we added the doors. You can see in the evening how much light the units put off:

~ Ikea Pax Wardrobe System ~

And here’s the final look with doors on. We included one mirrored door as well. I also hand built the open shelving system on the far left to fill up the gap that was left after installing the Ikea units. I re-purposed our old organizers for the basic structure and shelves and used a damaged Ikea piece for the back panel. Pretty proud of that!

Because I decided to turn the corner and extend the closet system where those three wall shelves had been, we nearly doubled the amount of storage and it still fits nicely in the space. I can now access all of my clothes easily so I can really see what is available to me instead of losing items to the back corner or behind the wall. It’s actually helped me minimize the amount of clothing I keep because old stuff doesn’t get hidden and forgotten. All of the special drawers help organize things like socks and bras as well as belts and purses. Everything has a place that can be accessed quickly and with ease. Plus, all the lighting we added actually allows me to see my clothes! Imagine that! The other thing I did to streamline and glam up the closet was I replaced every random colored plastic hanger we’d collected over the years with a gorgeous gray velvet hanger with rose gold accent. Here’s a final look at my side of the closet:

~ Stores longer garments + 2 drawers below and shoes up top ~
~ Best Corner Unit ever! Shoes, slide out pant rack, patterned blouses and sleeveless tops ~
~ Sweaters/long sleeved tops with t-shirts/tanks below and drawers ~

~ Takeaway ~ If you are frustrated with your current closet situation, I highly recommend switching over to a system similar to this. It has changed my whole attitude about our bedroom and especially about getting dressed. I only wish I had done it sooner!!! Having a closet system that serves you well is a total game changer. I no longer feel like a messy hoarder, I now feel decluttered, free, and a little more stylized and glam. I will 100% be adding these organizers to my new closet when we move!

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11 thoughts on “Our Home Reno: Master Closet

  1. Ah… cheers to IKEA furniture for making it look so easy. It’s really a beautiful space, now. I do like organized spaces, as well. Even though, I’m not in a place currently where I have the option to renovate, yours truly looks inspiring.

  2. Impressive! Love the new look! It is tempting to think about doing mine although I wouldn’t have room to add the additional section. I’ve torn out drywall before on a couple of jobs in the house and it can be so messy and tough to do. Great job!

  3. Love this! This is absolutely gorgeous! The before and after pictures are like night and day. Really impressive! I’m a big fan of IKEA and I love the PAX closets. And those lights you put inside the closets are so clever! They make such a huge difference! I’m going to add those to my next PAX closet. Thank you for sharing!

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