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I was recently working through some goal setting worksheets last week when I had a small revelation. One of the tasks was to go month-by-month of 2018 and list out significant events – positive and negative – and record your associated thoughts and emotions. 

They suggested going through your calendar for clues, but I quickly realized that only told a very small part of the past year’s history. Sure it captured my travel or scheduled dates with friends, but it gave me little insight into my emotional ebbs and flows throughout the year. I have no record of the small things, the unexpected things, or more negative things. I mean, who writes on their Google Calendar when something bad happens or when they are upset, sad, etc?!?

Then I realized, duh – remember when you were a teenager and journaled every detail of your dramatic life? Why did you stop doing that? The answer is that I kind of thought my life post middle/high school was pretty uneventful and not worth recording. Not sure why I told myself that story, but looking back I wish I’d never quit writing.

Long story short, I’m journaling again this year. It’s happening, and in this gorgeous notebook my friend gave me for my birthday.

I’m hoping while it may not be as thrilling as what boy I have a crush on or who is best friends with who this week, it will create some record to reference when I need to examine what’s going on in my life. 

I’ve sort of decided that this is going to be a big year of growth for me, both personally and professionally. I finally feel like I’ve closed out the chapter of my life that was owning the dance studio. Last year was definitely a year of transition where I was really unsure what my next adventure would be. Starting Lifestyled You in August of 2018 provided me a new direction to head in for this next section of life and I’m so excited to delve into that.

Changing careers definitely feels like a change to your personal life as everything is all tied together. Plus, this year I will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary as well as my 35th birthday! Not to mention moving into our dream house which will be the first move we’ve had in over 12 years! Certainly some big milestones, in my opinion.

~ Takeaway ~
Overall, I feel like I need to be paying more attention to myself and my growth and development as a person. A lot of change has gone on recently, and will continue this year, and I just want to have a better handle on all of it. Since my memory is so terrible, I feel like writing it all down is my only option. Having a digital calendar that shows my flights for the past year just doesn’t feel like enough anymore.

How many of you write in a journal or diary? What do you find most helpful about it? Share with us in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Journal Your Life

  1. We hope you stick with this resolution Laura!

    Journalling has always been a huge part of my life…I still have all my journals from my childhood, junior high, high school, university, and now into adulthood!

    Also, my hubby is into note taking during his Bible readings in the mornings and prayers.

    There’s something special about putting pencil to paper with your thoughts…they magically crystallize before your eyes. Putting abstract emotions and ideas onto paper really helps you learn more about yourself and your world.

    Actually, blogging is a great way to journal too! Try journalling/planning out future blog posts to keep up with the habit.

    Many blessings!

  2. Love this reminder to take time & journal our feelings. I too am trying to be more mindful & do the same. I just LOVE your journal-mine is just a plain 5 subject notebook-ha! Think I need to up my game!

    1. Lol, having a gorgeous notebook does motivate me to journal, as lame as that sounds. My friend gifted me that one for my B-day, so I have her to thank.

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