Hello 2019!

There are always so many emotions when it comes to the start of a new year. Looking back over the past year, it’s natural to think about all of the highlights, excitements and achievements, but it’s also easy to fall down the rabbit hole of finding all the negatives, regrets, and things we didn’t achieve. It’s easy to start feeling down about the “bad things” and before you know it, the past year starts to feel like total crap.

Of course we are never going to experience 365 days of pure bliss. There are always going to be lows throughout the year, things in hindsight we wish we could change, and events that make us feel a bit blue. However, these things can’t be changed or erased by the start of a new calendar page, as much as we’d like that to be the case.

I recently posted this quote on social media which I think perfectly describes my thoughts on a new year:

Dear Past, thanks for the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready.

To me, this acknowledges that as terrible as some events in our past may be and as much as we’d love to erase them from our history, they are still valid and worth honoring because they’ve helped teach us something and prepare us to take on what is coming at us in the future, even if we can’t see it yet.

All of the setbacks, pain points, frustrations, under achievements, missed opportunities, little hurts, and depressing events may have sucked and we can always be actively trying to reduce these in our future, but they happened. Fact. All we can do from there is to try and have positive thoughts as to how they can help us grow in the future and view them in a thankful light as opposed to wallowing and wishing we could eradicate them from memory.

The new year always feels like turning a fresh page which feels great, but we shouldn’t toss out all the previous chapters. Hopefully your 2018 was filled with more highs than lows, but remember that even the lows are worth celebrating in their own way.

Wishing you an awesome new year knowing that your past experiences have made you more well equipped to kick ass in 2019! If you want some more fun content regarding starting the new year off right, check out my Seven Day Challenge and my Mental Mindset Blog. Cheers!

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