Our Home Reno: Husband’s Bathroom

*** Make sure you read my “Our Home: Our Story” blog first to get the whole story! ***

Today we are taking a look at the small renovation I did just over a year ago on what we call “Dan’s Bathroom”. In reality, it is our master bathroom, and for a looooong time we did both share this bathroom, yikes! Let me walk you through the history so you can understand how we use this space and then I’ll take you through the reno.

On the second floor of our home, we have 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our master has an en suite which is what we are talking about today. It includes a single bowl vanity, toilet, and walk-in shower. The other bathroom is located just outside of our master and is meant to serve the other 3 bedrooms on this floor. 

When we bought the home at the end of 2006, the master bath had been “updated” by the sellers. The vanity was new – a light hickory wood with a beige solid surface top, and the shower was also done in the same beige solid surface material. There was beige peel and stick laminate on the floor and a new toilet. It was your basic builder beige scheme – not cute, but not offensive either. Compared to the rest of the house (except the kitchen which had also been re-done in builder beige) which had never been touched and was in its original 1970’s condition, this was probably the “nicest and most neutral” part of our home at the time.

The picture we took when first looking at the house back in 2006

Therefore, we begrudgingly shared this as our main bathroom for about 6 years. All we did when we moved in was lay an actual tile down on the floor which was a neutral, 10×10 travertine-looking porcelain maintaining the beige color story, lol.

Finally in 2013, I did a huge renovation of the secondary bath just outside our bedroom and that became “My Bathroom” and Dan got our Master Bathroom to himself. Finally, we had our own spaces and my new bathroom was gorgeous! Still, because there were so many other places to put our money and the builder beige was tolerable, Dan’s bath maintained it’s look for a few more years.

In June of 2017, I gave Dan’s bathroom a mini-makeover which is pictured here.

10 years later and we finally got rid of the beige! LOL
Merola Tile – Arte White Encaustic 9 3/4″ Porcelain Tile from Home Depot

I knew that I would be keeping the vanity and it’s top as well as the shower which would be the two limiting factors in completely changing this space. It was just going to cost too much money to rip out what is essentially a perfectly fine shower and countertop, so those elements remained. We don’t have beige in any other part of the home, so my goal was to eliminate what I could of it here as well and draw the eye away from the beige that had to stay.

At the time, these black and white geometric type tiles were just beginning to surface on Pinterest and I was falling in love! I’ve always been drawn to pattern so I was instantly drawn to these. I knew I wanted to install a ceramic or porcelain tile because it would be the same thickness as what I would be ripping out and replacing and is perfect for bathrooms. Many of these styles of tile are actually concrete which is a much thicker material and I’d never worked with it before, so I wanted to avoid that. After a lot of searching, I finally hunted down this tile through Home Depot. It is by Merola Tile and is the Arte White Encaustic 9 3/4″ Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile. This is still available. It was the right size, pattern, color, and material and was a great price.

I am fully aware that this is a super trendy look and I knew 100% that I would be sick of this tile and want to change it much more quickly than almost anything else I’ve installed in our house. However, I honestly just didn’t care in this instance – I wanted this tile! This bathroom is tiny, therefore, it is fast and inexpensive to swap out when I get tired of this look. It’s been over a year since I installed it, and I still LOVE it. (And now we will be moving in the next 12 months, so I’m guessing I won’t ever be replacing it after all, lol).

When helping people renovate their spaces, I always hear them say “I want to pick something I’ll love forever”. My response is always, “That’s impossible, in 10 years, you will probably hate most everything you like now”. Of course, some things will look better longer – sticking with classic elements as opposed to something trendy, but pretty much guaranteed, you are never going to love anything with the same conviction 10 years from when you first bought it. Our tastes change, general styles and colors go in and out of popularity, you grow up and want different things. It’s inevitable.

So anyway, those were the thoughts that lead me to installing this floor tile. I went with black grout because I thought it would maintain the pattern better and wouldn’t get dirty like white grout would. I painted the walls and ceiling Powdered Snow by Behr (looks really yellow on Behr’s site, but it is a neutral white in person), which is the white I’ve used for all of the doors, trim, and casing in my whole house. Then, I painted the vanity cabinets Cracked Pepper by Behr for contrast. Getting rid of the beige paint that had been everywhere and the hickory toned cabinets really transformed the overall color of the space. In conjunction with the new floors, it finally felt like this bath fit with the design of the rest of our house. 

I topped it off by adding some marble/brushed brass hardware to the cabinets from Target as well as the Dryden Faucet in Champagne Bronze by Delta. (Can’t find the brushed brass handle/pull that is on the cabinet door, but it was also from Target).

New cabinet knobs by Threshold at Target
Dryden Faucet in Champagne Bronze by Delta 

~ Takeaway ~ Sometimes it is worth it to sacrifice longevity for something that really excites you. I knew I would fall out of love with this look faster than some of the other renovations I’ve done in the house, but I was willing to take the risk on a small and relatively inexpensive project. A year later, I am just as obsessed with this look and it should last me a while longer.

Ultimately I would have loved to do a full remodel replacing the vanity top and shower as well, but at the time we just didn’t want to put that much money into this space. In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t since now we are moving soon anyway. I think this look will still be appealing to potential home buyers as we put our house on the market in the next 6 months or so.

Is there anything you just had to have in your home knowing that you probably won’t love it “forever”? Share in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “Our Home Reno: Husband’s Bathroom

  1. What a striking difference! I don’t lean toward the black and white in my own home but just love it in other’s. I agree with going with what you love – afterall, YOU are the one living there. Our master bath is the same size as your Hubby’s and I did a total reno on it a couple of years ago. I still need to write that post. I used white subway tile and hubby asked if I could add some color, so we chose a deep eggplant purple accent tie – now, THAT’s also specific and cannot be replaced – I suppose someone could paint them though. Anyway – love your reno!

  2. I love the transformation! That flooring with the painted cabinets is so gorgeous. I am always afraid of bold patterns but I absolutely love that style! Great work.

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve always been a fan of pattern, but it is intimidating to do it on something like tile that is a lot more permanent than say a pillow 🙂 Loved it in the end though – totally glad I did it!

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