Sneak Peek – Palm Desert Vacation Home

~ Sitting Room After ~
~ Sitting Room Before ~ WTF are those sconces??? ~

I’m currently blogging from the room pictured above – the sitting room of my parent’s vacation home in Palm Desert, CA. They purchased this 1,700 sqft home almost one year ago – October 2017 – as an escape from the Colorado cold. I’ve been going out for several weeks at a time throughout the past year to help them literally demolish the entire interior and renovate every square inch. The home hadn’t been touched since it was built in the 80’s and…wow, just wow…it was something! (And not in a good way).

We are here this time to work on the master bathroom which is the final space to be completed in the renovation. I’m planning on documenting every step of our journey in a blog/YouTube series, but I just couldn’t help posting some sneak peeks while I’m here.

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