September 2018 Favorites

~ All of my favorites for the month of September ~

September is over, but I have a great handful of products that I discovered during the month that I can’t wait to share with you! 

Roadtripper Jeans from Madewell: 
A friend of mine convinced me to try on these jeans while we were shopping together and I am so glad she did because they are amazing! They are tight and high-waisted enough so that you aren’t constantly having to pull them up which is my number one pet peeve about jeans. They are nice and slim but stretchy and comfortable and they are actually tight at the ankle. Price was really decent for a nice pair of jeans as well.

Soft & Smokey Set from Nudestix x Melissa Alatorre:
I did a review of this set on my YouTube Channel, and these creme eyeshadow and lip/cheek pencils are awesome! This set definitely give you a good variety of colors and finishes and allows you to try out their products at value set pricing. Loving it!

Eye and Lip Sleeping Masks from Laneige:
I had already been a fan of the Lip Sleeping Mask for a little while but have been using it obsessively day and night as the dryer weather is arriving. They recently released a few new flavors/scents which I’m dying to try. I unboxed the Eye Sleeping Mask in a Sephora Haul and have been testing it out all of September. I don’t know that it is a miracle or anything, but I do feel like my eyes are less puffy in the morning if I lather it on before bed.

L’Oreal x Camila Cabello Lip Dew in Desnudo:
This lip gloss is 100% a dupe for the Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. The color and finish and texture is all incredibly similar. Such a beautiful nude gloss that literally would look good on anyone. If you’ve been looking for a lower priced option, this is the closest dupe I’ve seen! 

Just Fab Jolienna Perforated Flat in Rose Gold Mirror:
I love these flats, they are the perfect way to transition your style into fall. Out with the sandals and in with the closed toed shoes! I also have them in a nude suede and a similar style in a gold finish, but I really like them in this rose gold color. A pointy toed flat dresses up any outfit just a smidge and makes you look a little more stylish while being just as easy to walk in as a tennis shoe.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Body Building Shampoo:
This is a newer product to me, so I want to keep testing it out to determine if it really is more volumizing than some of my other hairsprays, but I am really enjoying it so far. You can adjust the nozzle to distribute more or less product witch is kind of neat. It does give a good flexible hold to my curls and isn’t sticky or wet. Living Proof makes some great products and I’m going to keep trying this one out!

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel:
Sometimes in the morning when my skin is looking a little dull and I know I’m not going to be going outside much – just having a chill day indoors, I will throw on this mask for about 30min. After rinsing off, my skin just looks so much brighter and feels so much softer. It is just a great pick me up for your skin. And it is a nice mild formula since the enzymes are all derived from fruit. Love it!

Fourth Ray Beauty Cleansing Oil:
You might have seen on my instagram that I ordered the entire set of skincare from the new brand Fourth Ray Beauty. I’ve been trying everything out and I do like most of their products, but the cleansing oil is my favorite. It is a very “liquidy” consistency when you pump it out so you have to be a little careful, but it breaks down all of my makeup without irritating my eyes which is my number one requirement. I follow up with a cleanser and boom – makeup is gone! Great inexpensive skin care options from this brand!

Tarte Tartiest Lash Paint Mascara:
So I’ve had this in my collection for a while, but I recently tried it out again and it’s become my go-to mascara all month long. I love how this mascara volumizes and lengthens and gets me the maximum oomph out of my lashes. It has a spikier plastic wand which some people don’t care for, but I find it really easy to use and it doesn’t get mascara all over my lid which I appreciate. Not a new product, but definitely one that has captured my heart this month, lol.

May Designs Custom Notebook:
Another product that is definitely not new to me – I’ve actually been loving these for years – but something I’ve been using a TON through September. May Designs makes all kinds of Notebooks where you can pick the style, layout of insides, cover pattern, monogram, colors etc. to create your own unique notebook. Since starting up Lifestyled You, I’ve been making a lot of notes and lists lately and these notebooks are perfect for that. I definitely need to hop on their site and create a few more!

{afd} Anne Franklin Zodiac Necklace:
I had written a previous blog about this necklace so you can check out the details, but I’ve been wearing my Scorpio Sign all month off and on and have been loving it! Looks great with my rose gold flats as they are similar in tone. 

~ Takeaway ~ Well, that does it for my most loved and most used products for the month of September. I hope you will see something that catches your eye and that you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! I’ll see you in a month for a whole new round of favorite products!

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