Jade Roller – Fountain of Youth?

~ An ice cube a day keeps the wrinkles away ~

We have a delightful family friend that is well into her 90’s who is one of those ladies that you could sit and talk to for hours. Her stories and outlook on life will have you laughing along and feeling the greatest respect for all she’s done throughout her years. She is known in her family for being a style maven and a beautifully elegant woman. One night a few of us were asking about her beauty secrets and what she’s done to stay so gorgeous. “Ice cubes”. That was what she attributed to her long-lasting beauty – ice cubes, lol. We couldn’t believe it. She told us about her routine of wrapping ice cubes in a little thin towel and rubbing it all across her face every evening. So there you have it – the holy grail of beauty is sitting in your freezer right now!

That’s why I wasn’t surprised to see the rise in popularity recently of the Jade Roller. These have come to the forefront of must-have beauty tools in the last year or so, but have actually been used in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. You will commonly see them in green jade or in pink quartz, most often with a larger rolling piece on one end and a smaller version on the other. Either way, the objective is the same – it’s the ice cube massage for your face. 

The quality of the stone will have a natural coolness to it, but you can also store them in the refrigerator or in the freezer to amp it up a level. Pro Tip: I keep mine in a zip-lock bag so it doesn’t absorb any food smells – nobody wants to roll food stink on their face! Then, you simply roll the jade or quartz over all areas of your face utilizing the smaller end for places like around your eyes. This massaging tool is said to affect our lymphatic drainage – helps remove waste products from the tissue and carries it to the heart. Therefore, we are boosting our blood circulation and reducing swelling/puffiness which is why people love these. The feel of the cold jade rolling across the skin also just feels refreshing and soothing which is nice.

~ Takeaway ~ I personally like to use my frozen jade roller in the morning for a few minutes right when I wake up. I constantly feel like my eyes are swollen and puffy in the morning, so this helps me feel like I’m doing something good for my skin in the a.m. Many people also like to use it at night, especially to help massage their night serums into the skin. However you want to use it, at bare minimum, it feels really great on the face. Maybe if we are lucky, it’s also the modern-day ice cube trick and we will all look gorgeous into our 90’s too (fingers crossed).

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2 thoughts on “Jade Roller – Fountain of Youth?

  1. I’ve always wondered if the jade roller actually works, but the ice cube trick totally makes sense! I love how you took your family friend’s idea and personalized it with the jade roller.

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