Seating for Two Please

 ~ The Sunday Drinking Room ~

Raise your hand if there are parts of your home that you truly haven’t used in days, weeks, months…. I think it’s more of us than we might like to admit. At my house, it is just my husband and I and our three kitties, so there’s a lot of space that could potentially go unused around here. Even the cats have their certain go-to hangout spots. As comfortable as we might be in a couple rooms of the house, it’s a crime to have space that you don’t use. 

This is why we’ve deemed our front living room “The Sunday Drinking Room”. I did a little renovation and redecoration to this area of our home a while back after which my husband commented sarcastically: “Wow, maybe we should actually sit in here now”. But in a way he was right. We really didn’t use this room very often – usually only for entertaining as it is adjacent our dining room. But when it was just the two of us, we always defaulted to other parts of our home. 

As we were sitting in these chairs, enjoying the completed renovation of this space (and a cocktail), we decided it should forever be our cozy new part of the house to sit and enjoy some time and a beverage together. So on any given Sunday, take a peek through the front window and this is where we might be – wine glass in hand and a kitty on the lap!

~ Takeaway ~ It’s your house, so use it! Don’t let any areas of your home go to waste. If there’s a room you never go in, ask yourself why. Change up your space to give that spot a purpose – something that is going to make you excited to enjoy it. Cheers!

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