Capri Blue Candle Haul

~ Finishing out the season with some delightful Summer fragrances ~

If you’ve ever shopped in an Anthropology store, then you’ve definitely had the pleasure of experiencing the power of Capri Blue Candles. Part of the Anthro experience is the pleasant aroma that hits you as soon as you enter the shop and envelops you all the way back to the sale rack. They are almost always burning the infamous Volcano candle by Capri Blue. Definitely one of my favorite store environments and I think this is why! It is so cozy and inviting – it feels more like your are in someone’s home as opposed to a mall.

Capri Blue have been making candles for 20 years with the intention of: “where fashion meets fragrance”.  They sell all of their candle fragrances in a wide variety of sizes and in a multitude of designer containers so you can match your candle to the style of your space – genius! The containers are so beautiful and they are intended to be reused – a planter, makeup brush holder, snack dish, whatever you can imagine. The candles are made of mostly soy wax with the addition of some paraffin to achieve a longer burn time and more fragrant quality.

Volcano is definitely their most beloved and most used scents. You’ve most likely smelled this somewhere even if you weren’t aware of it. “With its familiar feel and cult following, Volcano is the perfect blend of citrus and sugar notes. Like the excitement and energy of a summer night rendezvous, this fragrance is simply unforgettable.” I had just happened to come across a Volcano jar in my home the other day and it inspired me to hop online and order some of their other scents so I could enjoy some of their Summery aromas through the tail end of the season before everything switches over to Fall vibes.

Here’s what I purchased and their fragrance notes according to Capri Blue:
Paris – White tea, ginger, violets, vanilla
Lola Blossom – Sweet orange, lemon mist, gardenia
Cactus Flower – Peonies, peach, cactus flower
Volcano (couldn’t resist picking up another) – Tropical fruits, sugared citrus
Pomegranate Citrus – Grapefruit, pomegranate, rose
Coconut Santal – Flowering hibiscus, lime, coconut, amber

~ Takeaway ~ If I’m spending any considerable amount of time in a room, I need it to have an actively burning candle in it. It is just so important for a space to not only appeal to your eyes, but to your nose as well. Candles provide an added level of personality to a space when their aroma fills the air. Double bonus with Capri Blue – you also get a stunning looking candle that fits seamlessly into your decor because of their multitude of jar options. And if you love the Anthropology feel, do yourself a favor and pick up a Volcano candle – guaranteed you will love it!

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