Seeing in Style

~ Nora in rose gold ~
~ Brady in matte tortoise ~

One of my favorite things is meeting function with style, because let’s face it, it can make some of the more boring and mundane requirements of life a lot more fun and exciting! I typically wear contacts most of the time, but there are definitely times when I just want to throw on a pair of glasses. It’s not just when I first wake up in the morning and want to watch some YouTube to warm up to the day or on those lazy Sundays when I want to be in pjs all day, but also when I want to change up my look and stylize my vibe with an accessory other than jewelry. 

Warby Parker just recently opened up a store at my local mall just as I had updated my prescription, so it was perfect timing to pick up a few new fun pairs. They specialize in vintage inspired, hipster approved styles. Fun fact – for every pair of glasses they sell, a pair is also distributed to someone in need. Love a good philanthropic brand!

I was immediately drawn to the Nora style in a flashy rose gold finish. These are highly reflective, feminine, and oh so pretty in pink. I love how the frames really pop with my dark hair. The perfect look for a girly-girl looking for a unique and unusual metallic finish.

To contrast with the Nora, I also picked up the Brady which is a much more masculine look. I love the bigger scaled frames with the more squared-off lines, but what truly drew me in was the matte tortoise finish. We’ve all seen plenty of shiny tortoise frames, I’ve owned many a pair of glasses and obviously sunglasses in that flavor, but I’ve just recently started spotting the matte option which I quickly became obsessed with. I think it really puts a modernized spin on the traditional tortoise look and truthfully, I just feel cool in these (wink).

~ Takeaway ~ Wearing glasses can be fun and exciting if you shop for a pair that can express your style and your vibe. It’s ok to own a variety of pairs so you can customize your daily look to be exactly what suits you in the moment. Never underestimate the power of an awesome pair of glasses to change up your appearance. Check out Warby Parker for a unique selection of trendy options at a great price and excellent service!

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