Labradorite Pendant

~ Gorgeous Labradorite Pendant by Love Harper Boutique ~

This summer, Cherry Creek Shopping Center opened up an exciting new concept called The District Shops. What was previously a two-story Bed Bath & Beyond has been renovated into a market-style shopping experience consisting of local Colorado small retailers and artisans each with their own little vignettes filled with their specialized merchandise. Here’s the description they list on their website: “From all the latest fashions to one-of-a kind-finds, you won’t be disappointed. Showcasing vintage, clothing, jewelry, home decor, bath and body, pottery, pre-packaged foods and so, so, so much more! The District Shops in Cherry Creek has it all!”

I stopped by during a day of shopping with one of my girlfriends and was definitely impressed with what they had to offer. If farmhouse style decor floats your boat, there were a lot of “Joanna Gaines” inspired vendors. A lot of hand-made jewelry designers which I’m always drawn to, along with women’s clothing shops, candles/body scrubs/lotion type stores, and a small handful of honeys/jams/hot sauce type sellers.

My favorite stop of the day was at Love Harper Boutique – a local Colorado jewelry designer. Here’s how she describes her style: “Love Harper is a glitter dipped boutique with a bohemian feminine vibe. My mission to for you to feel how I would imagine MOST woman would want to feel- not only comfortable but beautiful, strong but feminine, and confident like your alter ego 😉 ….all while NOT breaking the bank.” – LOVE THIS!

I picked up this gorgeous triangular labradorite pendant with a very unique gold chain for $29. If you are a believer in the transformative power of crystals/stones, (I personally know nothing about this but looked it up once the woman at the check-out stand was really excited over the fact this was labradorite), then you may be curious to know that it is said to be excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities… I just loved the look of this blue-green-grey stone and didn’t have anything like this in my collection! 

~ Takeaway ~ The District Shops is a pretty great place to pick up some special pieces, perfect for finding a gift for someone special, and a very cool way for small, local business to be seen and supported. Love Harper Boutique has some awesome jewelry designs – see her instagram to explore what she’s all about!

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