The “Essential Red” – budget friendly wine

~ A delicious and money-saving red wine ~

Don’t get me wrong – we love to break out our favorite, exclusive, and pricier wines for our guests. However, there are simply some occasions when you are providing a larger amount of alcohol for a giant party or nights when your husband is out of town and you just can’t bring yourself to pop open a $65 bottle of your go-to wine. I’m always on the lookout for an inexpensive yet delicious bottle of wine for precisely these moments.

This summer we went to the Breckenridge Food and Wine Festival for the second year in a row. It has quickly become a must-do activity for our family every summer and since it is always near my mom’s birthday, the VIP tickets make for a great gift. Set in the gorgeous mountain backdrop, you can walk around all day tasting wines both local to Colorado and from across the country. 

A new wine (to us) that we discovered was the Bogle Essential Red from California. While I immediately pinned their wines as a “favorite of the day”, we wanted to go back and re-taste at home without any misguided or dulled taste buds from the day’s extensive tastings (wink)

We actually found the bottle at our local Costco for under $10 and picked up a few for an upcoming party we were hosting. Turned out the hot weather that day called for more Sangria drinking than anything and we ended up with two bottles of the Bogle that went opened but un-drank. 

Over the following two days I vowed to try the Bogle Essential Red before it went bad since we had already opened them, and to my excitement, it was absolutely delicious. I was stunned that the opened bottles held so well and the wine was as pleasing as I had remembered it in Breckenridge.

Here’s a description I pulled from Bogle’s website: “This compelling blend of Old Vine Zinfandel, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah had created a ripe and mouthfilling wine. Full bodied from start to finish, this wine has notes of sarsaparilla, dark berries and black plums. Richly textured and nuanced by the flavors of juniper and dried herbs, the wine is juicy, jammy, luscious and finishes with graham cracker and melty s’mores from the American oak aging for 12 long months.”

For a wine with a blend of such heavy grapes, I thought it was super smooth and silky. Definitely a wine that is well paired with foods, but can be enjoyed on its own once your palette has acclimatized. I’ll be bringing this to all of my upcoming book club meetings for sure! What’s your favorite well-priced red wines?

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