Citrus – Can’t beat it

~ When in doubt, citrus it out ~

I believe it is absolutely essential to have a delicious smelling home whether it is just you on your couch watching Netflix, or whether you are hosting a party of 30. Spaces not only need to look good, but they need to smell good too. If we can appeal to all of our senses instead of only our eyes, we have wrapped ourselves up in a much more pleasant and inviting environment.

Now, if you have pets like I do, you love them to death but unfortunately they are a bit of a mess when it comes to their fur and their smells and thus, they cause me the most stress when prepping my home for company. The absolute worst thing is walking into someones house and thinking “what the hell is that stink??”

The best way I’ve found to immediately fill your home with an appealing aroma on quick notice is Oil Warmers. They are typically ceramic or metal decor pieces that house a tealight in the bottom and a well for scented oil on top. The heat from the tealight causes the oil to release its fragrance and voilà, your room went from smelling like cat litter or whatever your unpleasant odor to refreshing lemons in about 3 minutes.

Of course companies like Yankee Candle provide seasonal scents to tailor your home fragrance to the time of year and you can pick up oils that suit your own preferences. However, if you are worried about finding an all-year-round, crowd pleasing flavor – Citrus is where it’s at!! Lemon, lime, orange and other light citrus scents are the most appealing across the board. The simple, clean, refreshing scent will not turn your guests off, but will welcome into a fresh, inviting space.

My three go-to scents for satisfying all tastes during anytime of the year are: Sage & Citrus, Sicilian Lemon, and Honey Clementine – all from Yankee Candle Company. You can pick them up for $5 a piece which is far less than the price of a super-scented candle and I’m telling you, they do the job! What are your favorite types of scents??

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