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Learn to change your eating habits + start losing weight by modifying your thoughts about food!

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Welcome to Lifestyled You Coaching!

I’m Laura, your friendly + straightforward Life + Mindset + Weight Loss Coach!
Let me explain how I can help you – and by that, I mean blow your freakin’ mind when it comes to creating the life you desire!

Whether it's coaching you on various aspects of your life thru one of my life + mindset coaching packages or specifically helping you lose weight via my Signature Program: Weight Loss Thru Mindset, I'm here to help you discover the life of your dreams!

I believe everyone deserves to claim their power and ability to cultivate their best life possible - whatever that means to them...

I've done this for myself and I'd like to help you do the same!
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Are you beyond frustrated after trying every diet + exercise combo possible with no significant or lasting results?

Do you despise the pain of hardcore workouts and the tediousness of reading nutrition lables?

Are you tired of depending on willpower to carry you through unrealistic restriction?

Are you ready to discover the system for simple + permanent weight loss just by retraining the way your brain thinks about food?
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I help women in 2 ways

Here's how...

Life + Mindset


Do you feel like your life has slowly gotten a bit off track or perhaps taken a sharp detour from the life you always imagined having?

Do you KNOW you are meant for more but are uncertain how to get there?

Are you ready to make a change in order to get that life back on track and moving towards the life of your DREAMS?
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